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 Teaching Young Sarasotans Social Etiquette through Education and Social Experiences


The Cotillion Club was established in 1951 by a group of Sarasota parents as a learning experience in social etiquette for their children and friends.  This idea grew from a few kids to close to one thousand students attending various schools across Sarasota County. 

There are three Cotillion groups:

  • 8th Grade Cotillion
  • Junior Cotillion (for 9th and 10th grade members)
  • Senior Cotillion (for 11th and 12th grade members)

Cotillion starts the year with an Orientation Session for all 8th Grade members and for those Junior and Senior Cotillion members attending Cotillion for the first time.  Each Cotillion group also has three Dinner & Dance events during the year, one each in the Fall, Winter, and Spring.

Mailing Address:

Cotillion Club of Sarasota, Inc.

P.O. Box 19171

Sarasota, FL 34276-2171




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